Crafters in the time of lock-down

Story of experiences of artists during the lock-down, stories of their difficulties, and struggles.

The current situation did many things to many of us, I can talk for myself here, before the pandemic my work had picked well, I was keeping busy, and then suddenly I went back 20 steps. I had this desperation in me to keep myself relevant, and so I was doing all sorts of things. One of which was giving FREE sessions, but when the first session ended, I didn’t feel complete at all. It didn’t satisfy me as an artist, as an instructor.

*Illustration is not done by me .

When I was working full time, I was always told that “there are no free lunches” and here I was giving away a skill that I spent so much of time learning and then perfecting it, giving all away for FREE.

All because, I wanted to stay relevant and I wanted to stay in the scene.

I wanted to understand why people are giving away their skills for free; it was then that I started talking to people from various artistic genres.

I wanted to understand the platform’s psyche, instructor psyche and also end customer’s psyche.

I understood that a particular platform would want you to be there: For gathering views, few extra likes and basically staying relevant.
About the instructor, I have pointed it out already. About the end customer, they just don’t want to spend; they want things for free, which eventually becomes a habit.

I have always believed that unless you don’t pay for something, you don’t value it or respect it. For example, when you take a decision of learning a skill over spending that money say on buying a dress, there is a mindset shift taking place, you are telling yourself that you have earned this, there is also a long lasting commitment between you and the skill that you paid for.

Even after so much of free content available, why is it that many end up feeling ‘oh, I can’t do it’? A skill is always earned, you work towards it diligently and that’s when it comes to you.

An artist spends numbers of hours, researching, studying and then perfecting a particular skill to not to just give it away for free.
I am not totally against the idea of free sessions, doing it once is alright, but repeating it is what leaves one feeling incomplete. Also, the recipient would always expect a free deal.

Artistic platforms must always pay the artist when they invite them for a session, that’s how it really should work. When they ask for a free session, the only one who is benefiting really is them not the end user and definitely not the artist.  It is such a huge disrespect to artists and their skill.

I am not saying pay a huge amount but do PAY is what I am saying because an artist truly deserves it. There should always be an exchange of energies. It never is a one way road.

They devote their TIME and PASSION to ensure that you get a complete artistic experience. That is what satisfies an artist.

I haven’t learned everything overnight, I am still a leaner and I will continue to learn. I have paid for many skills that I now do perfectly, silk thread jewelry making and quilling being two of many other craft forms I indulge in every now and then.

I will continue my fight for what artists truly deserve.

©CraftyPitara by Neha

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